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  1. Barong Brutuk - Trunyan, Bali

    14 Oct 2018

    High up in the mountains of Northeast Bali, on the shore of lake Batur in the ancient Batur caldera lies Trunyan, one of three remaining traditional Bali Aga villages. The Bali Aga are the original Balinese and their culture pre-dates Hinduism, which came to Bali with the migration of the…

  2. Makepung Lampit - Balinese water buffalo race

    02 Sep 2018

    Derived from the Balinese word kepung. meaning ‘chase’, Makepung is a traditional Balinese water buffalo race, only held in Jembrana, in West Bali. “Lampit” is a traditional wooden plank that is pulled by a pair of water buffaloes, to flatten a wet rice field after it has been…

  3. The Bali Aga of Trunyan - ancient Bali

    02 Apr 2017

    The Balinese mountain village of Trunyan can be found at the foot of the Gunung Abang mountain, at a remote and isolated location on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. The people from Trunyan are often referred to as Bali Aga (mountain Balinese), which refers to a conservative, pre-Hindu culture…

  4. Caci - ritual Whip Fighting on Flores

    05 Sep 2016

    Caci is a ritual whip fight and a major element of the Manggarai cultural identity in the western part of the island of Flores. Caci is played out by two men, with one in the role of agressor and the other one in the role of defender. Caci equipment,…

  5. Bajawa - Ngada, Flores

    20 Aug 2016

    The Ngada Regency in central Flores might be one of Indonesia’s poorest regions, but culturally it is certainly one of its richest. The green valleys of Ngada are dotted with traditional villages with unique megalithic stone structures, against the backdrop of the towering Inerie volcano. The most visited village in…

  6. Mount Kelimutu, Flores

    20 Aug 2016

    The mystical mount Kelimutu, meaning “steaming mountain”, is a spectacular volcano on the Indonesian island Flores and one of its most amazing natural phenomenon. The volcano contains three striking summit crater lakes, which have often changed colors. Scientific explanations aside, there are many myths about the origin…

  7. Mekare-kare - Pandan War, Tenganan Pegringsingan, East Bali

    05 Jul 2016

    The ancient village of Tenganan Pegringsingan in East Bali is home to the Bali Aga, descendants of the original Balinese. The Bali Aga of Tenganan still follow their pre-Hindu rules and traditions and do not recognise casts like the Balinese Hindu do. They follow written rules inherited from their…

  8. Pura Samuan Tiga temple ceremony, Bali

    15 Jun 2016

    I was very fortunate to be able to attend a very rare large purification ceremony, Karya Agung Panca Wali Krama, at the Pura Samuan Tiga temple in Bedulu, near Ubud. This ceremony was last held about 20 years ago and preparations had started more than 6 months ago. Pura

  9. Scarecrows of Jatiluwih, Bali

    12 Jun 2016

    Bali is known for its many artisans, from painters, wood and stone carvers to jewellery and other handicraft and art makers. Here some more rural art from the rice farmers in Jatiluwih in central Bali. Jatiluwih is famous for its spectacular rice field terraces, but even here the artistic nature…

  10. Ramayana Ballet, Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta

    07 Apr 2014

    A “must-see” when visiting Yogyakarta is the Javanese ballet version of the epic Hindu poem of the Ramayana, at the Prambanan temple complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whilst the story originated in India, the Javanese version is truly representative of the local art and culture and is performed by…

  11. Kanekes - The Baduy of West Java

    22 Mar 2014

    Less than 3 hours from bustling Jakarta lives a community isolated in time and space, as they’ve lived for hundreds of years The Baduy, who call themselves Kanekes, are a traditional community living just a three hour drive west of Jakarta, in the hills near Rangkasbitung. Their population counts just…

  12. Makepung - Bull races in West Bali

    27 Nov 2013

    West Bali is famous for its thrilling water buffalo races, known as Makepung, introduced by Madurese migrants to celebrate the end of the rice harvest. The competitive races take place outside Negara in the regency of Jembrana, on make-shift circuits laid out on dry dirt tracks in the…