Makepung Lampit - Balinese water buffalo race

Derived from the Balinese word kepung. meaning ‘chase’, Makepung is a traditional Balinese water buffalo race, only held in Jembrana, in West Bali. “Lampit” is a traditional wooden plank that is pulled by a pair of water buffaloes, to flatten a wet rice field after it has been plowed and prepare it for rice planting.

Makepung Lampit signifies the traditional gotong royong culture whereby everyone is helping each other for the
same communal purpose, and Makepung Lampit symbolizes the community’s process in preparing for the rice planting season together.

Early last century Makepung Lampit was very popular, but the tradition had almost disappeared. Only the last few years the tourism authorities of Jembrana have revived the tradition, after decades of hiatus, and now once a year Makepung Lampit is held at the end of the dry season, on a straight race track of about 100 meters in a water and mud filled rice field.

For more photos of Makepung Lampit click HERE.

Another variation of Makepung is held during the latter half of the dry season, from July until mid-November, on dry tracks through recently harvested rice fields. You can read and see more about this Makepung HERE.