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Kelimutu Volcano & Moni – Flores

Kelimutu Volcano & Moni – Flores July 2016 The mystical mount Kelimutu, meaning “steaming mountain”, is a spectacular volcano on the Indonesian island Flores and one of its most amazing natural phenomenon. The volcano contains three striking summit crater lakes, which have often changed colors. Scientific explanations aside, there are many myths about the origin …

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Wolotopo – Ende, Flores

Wolotopo – Ende, Flores Wolotopo is a traditional village of the Lio tribe and is built into a quite steep hillside along the south coast. The people here still strongly adhere to their adat and keep their traditional ceremonial houses in good shape. Ikat weaving is practiced by almost every household.  

Bena – Ngada, Flores

Bena – Ngada, Flores One of the most interesting cultural places to visit on Flores is Bena, a traditional Ngada village. Time seems to have stood still here, and the way of life is almost unchanged for centuries. Set amidst Flores’ lush jungles and smoking volcanoes, Bena is said to have been founded some 1,000 …

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Belaraghi – Ngada, Flores

Belaraghi – Ngada, Flores Belaraghi is a traditional Ngada village, really off the beaten track, located in the hills just north of the main road from Bajawa to Labuan Bajo. The only way to get there was either hiking, or motorbike. Time seems to have stood still here, and if we would have known this …

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Gurusina – Ngada, Flores

Gurusina – Ngada, Flores Gurusina is  traditional Ngada village, in the heart of Flores. It is a lot more off the beaten track than for instance Bena, and has a real authentic feel to it. Gurusina’s traditional houses are situated around a wide courtyard, displaying several sets of ture lenggi, the ancestral stone altars of …

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Komodo – Flores

Komodo Flores, July 2016 Home of the prehistoric and endemic Komodo Dragon and proclaimed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Komodo National Park is undoubtedly a must visit for nature lovers. Click on any of the photos for a full screen view and to scroll through the gallery.

Wae Rebo – Flores

Wae Rebo Flores, July 2016 The traditional village of Wae Rebo lies in the hills of the Manggarai district on the island of Flores, East Indonesia. This small and isolated village is recognized for its rebuilding of the traditional Mbaru Niang traditional house, based on the spirit of community and cooperation. The people in the village …

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Ruteng – Flores

Cancar Spider Web Rice Fields, Ruteng – Flores Flores, July 2016 In the small village of Cancar, near Ruteng in central Flores, the rice fields are laid-out as giant spider webs. The shape of these rice fields is the result of the traditional communal agriculture of the indigenous Manggarai people. Centuries ago, the cultivated land, …

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Bajawa – Flores

Bajawa Flores, July 2016 Bajawa is a charming hill town on the island of Flores and is surrounded by forest-covered mountains and a spectacular natural beauty. The town is the centre of the Ngada region, the most culturally rich area of Flores, where traditional religions and customs thrive. Bajawa’s biggest draw are the traditional villages …

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Wuring – Maumere, Flores

Wuring is a small fishing village, a couple of kilometers west of Maumere, the largest city on the Indonesian island of Flores. Wuring is home to Bugis and Bajo people who live in traditionally constructed stilt houses. In 1992 Wuring was massively hit by a tsunami and although many

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