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Great White Lake

Khorgo Volcano & Great White Lake Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 11 – 1 Jul: Tsenkher – Khorgo Volcano – Great White Lake Although the dormant Khorgo Volcano stands out in the landscape, coming from volcano covered Indonesia it wasn’t very spectacular, but anyway a nice little hike and welcome change from driving around …

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Tsenkher Hot Springs

Tsenkher Hot Springs Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 10 – 30 Jun: Orkhon Valley – Tsenkher Hot Springs We said goodbye to our hosts and drove off to a little bit more touristic destination, the Tsenkher Hot Springs, and stay in a tourist ger camp. That would give us the opportunity to enjoy some …

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Orkhon Valley

Orkhon Valley Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 8 – 28 Jun: Ongiin Khiid – Orkhon Valley Today’s journey saw the most dramatic changes in scenery, as we left the extensive dry steppe of central Mongolia, crossing a fog-covered mountain range and then descending into the year-round green Orkhon Valley, which is like a green …

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Ongiin Khiid

Ongiin Khiid Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 7 – 27 Jun: Bayan-Zag – Ongiin Khiid Today’s destination was Ongiin Khiid, once a place of devotion and Buddhist scholarship and housing the largest and most important ruins in the Gobi. Founded in 1660, Ongiin Khiid was one of the largest monasteries in Mongolia, with 28 …

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Bayan-Zag  –  Flaming Cliffs Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 6 – 26 Jun: Gobi Desert – Bayan-Zag We said goodbye to our hosts and left for our 3 day journey up north. Our first stop was at the Khavtsgait Petroglyphs, dating from between 8000 BC and 3000 BC and carved in the rocks scattered …

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Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 5 – 25 Jun: Khongoryn Els – Gobi Desert Today we drove deeper into the Gobi Desert and we wanted to spend the night really in the middle of nowhere. Our host came along, as the Gobi Desert is no place you want to get stuck, or …

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Khongoryn Els

Khongoryn Els Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 4 – 24 Jun: Yoliin Am – Khongoryn Els After a drive through some spectacular diverse scenery we arrived early afternoon in Khongoryn Els, home to some of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. Khongoryn Els is also known as the Singing Dunes, from …

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Yoliin Am

Yoliin Am Mongolia, June – July 2019 Today we’d drive further south to Yoliin Am, known as “Valley of the Vultures”, a deep and narrow canyon in the mountains of south of Mongolia, named after the Lammergeir vulture, called Yol in Mongolian. The area is part of the Gobi Desert and sees little rain. However, …

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