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Mongolia, June – July 2019

Day 15 – 5 Jul: Khar Us Lake – Khovd

Our camping spot was not too far from Khovd, so we took it easy. Along the way we made a stop at a natural spring with crystal clear cold drinking water, apparently with healing powers. It did taste very good!
The city of Khovd is the largest city in western Mongolia, and in fact the second largest city in the country. To us it was just a very small village. Khovd is home to a diverse multi-ethnic population of friendly nomads and lies against a backdrop of the snow-topped Altai mountains.
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Khovd is the perfect hub to explore the Altai mountains, home to rare wildlife such as Altai Argali (wild sheep), Siberian Ibex and Snow Leopard as well as different ethnic nomadic tribes. I’ll be back…!
Next stop: Ulaanbaatar, by plane, then a night in a hotel near the airport and then via Hong Kong back home to Bali.
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