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Olduvai Gorge & Maasai

Tanzania, July 2015

Day 7 – 19-Jul: Olduvai Gorge – Central Serengeti

First things first, an early morning hike into the famous Olduvai Gorge! A name I was very familiar with since I was a kid, aspiring to become an archeologist…! In the world of archeology few places in the world are more famous than the Olduvai Gorge, one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world; it has proven invaluable in understanding early human evolution. In the 1930s the British / Kenyan archeologists couple Louis and Mary Leakey found the earliest evidence of the existence of human ancestors, in the form of fossilized bones and stone tools dating back millions of years, leading to the conclusion that humans evolved in Africa.
After our early morning hike through the dry riverbeds of Olduvai it was time for breakfast and departure to our next destination, the Serengeti National Park…! We were both super excited, as the Serengeti and particularly the Great Migration was the main attraction of this holiday!
On our way to the park we first made a stop at a traditional Maasai village. It was clear that they welcome more tourists in the village, but all together we still felt very good about the experience, with plenty of genuine interaction with the very friendly Maasai.
We left the Maasai village behind and were on our way to the Serengeti National Park. Our first destination was the Seronera area, in the Central Serengeti.
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