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Gobi Desert, Orkhon Valley and a lot of lakes

June – July 2019
A two weeks road trip through the heart of Mongolia. What an awesome destination! It exceeded in everything I had hoped for, and best of all, not only for myself, but all 4 of us. Mongolia is a destination where time has almost stood still. It’s the size of Europe, but with a population of only 3 million people. Half of them live in the capital Ulaanbaatar, the other half spread out over a handful of large villages and the vast countryside.

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Tsagaan Suvarga


Yoliin Am


Khongoryn Els

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Gobi Desert

Flaming Cliffs


Ongiin Khiid

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Orkhon Valley



Great White Lake


Telmen Lake


Khyargas Lake


Khar Us Lake




I was initially thinking of renting a car and self-drive. I’m glad I realised that Mongolia is not a self-drive destination though, unless you’re a real off-road enthusiast. And then only when you are with people who speak Mongolian and, more important, who know how to fix a car.
So we ended up renting a Russian 4-wheel drive minibus, which used to be used by the Russian army in remote areas of the former Soviet Union. With the minibus came an extremely skilled driver and mechanic, Mr. Patah. And he looks after his car with heart and soul!
Most Mongolian drivers do not speak any English. So we decided to take a guide along, who could also cook. And how fortunate we were with Vampi! She was not only a fantastic guide with a deep knowledge and respect for the local culture. She was also a gifted cook who managed to impress us with almost every single meal, no matter how few ingredients were available… In the most remote corners of this earth where the nearest shop or fridge is at least half a day away we have truly had some memorable meals!


Day 1 – Jun 21: Flight Bali – Hong Kong – Ulaanbaatar (stay in hotel)
Day 2 – Jun 22: Ulaanbaatar – Tsagaan Suvarga (stay in local ger)
Day 3 – Jun 23: Tsagaan Suvarga – Yoliin Am (stay in local ger)
Day 4 – Jun 24: Yoliin Am – Khongoryn Els (stay in local ger)
Day 5 – Jun 25: Khongoryn Els sand dunes (wild camping)
Day 6 – Jun 26: Khongoryn Els – Bayan-Zag (Flaming Cliffs) (stay in tourist ger camp)
Day 7 – Jun 27: Bayan-Zag – Ongiin Khiid (stay in local ger)
Day 8 – Jun 28: Ongiin Khiid – Orkhon Valley (stay in local ger)
Day 9 – Jun 29: Orkhon Valley (stay in local ger)
Day 10 – Jun 30: Orkhon Valley – Tsenkher hot springs (stay in tourist ger camp)
Day 11 – Jul 1: Tsenkher – Khorgo Volcano – Great White Lake (stay in local ger)
Day 12 – Jul 2: Great White Lake – Telmen Lake (wild camping)
Day 13 – Jul 3: Telmen Lake – Khyargas Lake (stay in local guesthouse)
Day 14 – Jul 4: Khyargas Lake – Khar Us Lake (wild camping)
Day 15 – Jul 5: Khar Us Lake – Khovd (stay in hotel)
Day 16 – Jul 6: Flight Khovd – Ulaanbaatar (stay in hotel)
Day 17 – Jul 7: Flight Ulaanbaatar – Hong Kong – Bali
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