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Photography is like writing memories, it is my way of immersing myself in moments in time and capturing them with my camera. It allows me to relive and sometimes rediscover my most precious moments again and again, as a celebration of life and the natural and cultural beauty of our planet.
I hope you enjoy.
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Namibia & Botswana



De Wat Mahathat tempel in Ayutthaya, Thailand. December 2009

Thailand - coming soon...






Melolo, East Sumba

Royal funeral - East Sumba

Barong Brutuk - Trunyan, Bali

The body of a young lady, put to rest a month ago.

Bali Aga cemetery - Trunyan, Bali

Mekare-kare - Tenganan, East Bali

Makepung - bull races, West Bali

Pura Samuan Tiga - Ubud, Bali

Bridge crossing

Kanekes - Baduy, West Java

Makepung Lampit - West Bali

Caci - whip fighting, Flores

Barong Brutuk – Trunyan, Bali

High up in the mountains of Northeast Bali, on the shore of lake Batur in the ancient Batur caldera lies Trunyan, one of three remaining traditional Bali Aga villages. The Bali Aga are the original Balinese and their culture pre-dates Hinduism, which came to Bali with the migration

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Makepung Lampit – West Bali

Derived from the Balinese word kepung. Meaning ‘chase’, Makepung is a traditional Balinese water buffalo race, only held in Jembrana, in West Bali. “Lampit” is a traditional wooden plank that is pulled by a pair of water buffaloes, to flatten a wet rice field after it has been plowed and

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Melolo, East Sumba

Royal Funeral – Sumba

In October 2015 I was fortunate and privileged to be able to attend a royal funeral in the traditional East Sumba village of Praiyawang, 70 kilometer east of Waingapu, Sumba’s largest city. The island of Sumba, in eastern Indonesia, is one of a few places in the world where megalithic

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Trunyan – Bali Aga cemetery

The Balinese mountain village of Trunyan can be found at the foot of the Gunung Abang mountain, at a remote and isolated location on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. The people from Trunyan are often referred to as Bali Aga (mountain Balinese), which refers to a conservative, pre-Hindu culture

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Baluran National Park – East Java

Baluran National Park in East Java, often called the little Africa of Java, is one of the oldest national parks in Indonesia and the area has been protected since 1928, initiated by a Dutch hunter. In 1937 it became a wildlife refuge and in 1984 it was declared a national park. The park is named

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Mask Dance – Bali

TAKSU is a unique Balinese concept meaning charisma, spiritual power and artistic inspiration needed to truly capture eyes, minds and hearts of the audience, both human and divine. Every artist in Bali strives for TAKSU. Mask dancer Ida Wayan Gotama, from the East

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