Duniart – Photography and Blog by Toine IJsseldijk

25-29 May 2016

Tumbang Manggu, Central Kalimantan

For the Dayak Ngaju of Central Kalimantan funeral customs comprise two integral components: an immediate ceremony following a person’s passing and the Tiwah, which signifies the journey of the soul to the afterlife, culminating the funeral rites. The Tiwah holds great significance for the Dayak Ngaju. During this ceremony, the deceased’s bones are exhumed, purified, and enshrined within a Kakandin (red cloth), nestled within a Garantung gong, and placed within a dedicated mausoleum known as the Sandung. It is believed that the spirit of the departed watches over the village from this sacred site. Adorned with intricate decorations depicting celestial scenes, these mausoleums often feature a symbolic vessel crafted from rubber, representing the entourage escorting the soul to paradise.
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