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Photography is like writing memories, it is my way of immersing myself in moments in time and capturing them with my camera. It allows me to relive and sometimes rediscover my most precious moments again and again, as a celebration of life and the natural and cultural beauty of our planet.
I hope you enjoy.
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Photo Stories

My Mentawai Family

My Mentawai Family

A personal experience and journey with the Mentawai tribe on Siberut Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Covering over 30 years of my time and experience living with and visiting the Mentawai family that adopted me as one of them and made me part of their community. Eventually this will be their…
Barong Brutuk - Trunyan, Bali

Barong Brutuk - Trunyan, Bali

High up in the mountains of Northeast Bali, on the shore of lake Batur in the ancient Batur caldera lies Trunyan, one of three remaining traditional Bali Aga villages. The Bali Aga are the original Balinese and their culture pre-dates Hinduism, which came to Bali with the migration
Makepung Lampit - West Bali

Makepung Lampit - West Bali

Derived from the Balinese word kepung. Meaning ‘chase’, Makepung is a traditional Balinese water buffalo race, only held in Jembrana, in West Bali. “Lampit” is a traditional wooden plank that is pulled by a pair of water buffaloes, to flatten a wet rice field after it has been plowed and
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