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Damaraland, Kaokoland and Etosha

October 2019
An almost 3 week self-drive safari camping trip through Namibia in October 2019, together with my fiancee Mega. Last year I visited Namibia and Botswana with my son Dio and best mate Stan and I promised Mega to bring her to Namibia “one day”. That “one day” came sooner than expected, as we were actually planning to go to Zambia. I had the entire trip to Zambia planned and booked more than 6 months ago, but unfortunately Zambian immigration repeatedly refused to issue a visa for Mega, so with only 5 days to go before our planned flight to Zambia I decided to cancel Zambia and change our trip to Namibia. I booked last minute flights and was lucky to find a rental 4×4 car with camping equipment, with such short notice. We didn’t make any camping reservations and decided to simply travel day by day and decide on-the-go where to sleep. This turned out to be the best decision and we had an absolute fantastic trip, with a couple of nights camping in the wild in absolutely stunning locations, in the middle of the Namibian bush.














We hadn’t made any camping reservations and decided to simply start driving and see where to sleep. We wanted to camp in the wild, particularly in Damaraland and Kaokoland. We had stocked-up on food supplies enough for at least 10 days, so the only thing to watch was our fuel tank.
I’m so happy we did it this way: less planning means more adventure! We ended up a couple of nights camping in the wild in absolutely stunning locations, in the middle of the real Namibian bush.
our transport
our camp
our evenings


Day 1 – Oct 3: Arrival Windhoek
Day 2 – Oct 4: Windhoek – Spitzkoppe (Spitzkoppe Rest Camp)
Day 3 – Oct 5:  Spitzkoppe – Rhino Trust Camp – Doros area (wild camping) 
Day 4 – Oct 6: Doros area – Twyfelfontein – De Riet – Huab riverbed (wild camping)
Day 5 – Oct 7: Huab riverbed (wild camping)
Day 6 – Oct 8: Huab riverbed – Sesfontein – Opuwo (Opuwo Country Hotel Campsite)
Day 7 – Oct 9: Opuwo – Sesfontein – Hoanib riverbed (wild camping)
Day 8 – Oct 10: Purros (Ngatutanga Campsite)
Day 9 – Oct 11: Purros (Ngatutanga Campsite)
Day 10 – Oct 12:  Purros – Palmwag Concession (wild camping)
Day 11 – Oct 13: Palmwag – Etosha National Park (Olifantsrus Campsite)
Day 12 – Oct 14: Etosha National Park (Okaukuejo Campsite)
Day 13 – Oct 15: Etosha National Park (Okaukuejo Campsite)
Day 14 – Oct 16: Etosha National Park (Halali Campsite)
Day 15 – Oct 17: Etosha National Park (Halali Campsite)
Day 16 – Oct 18: Etosha National Park (Halali Campsite)
Day 17 – Oct 19: Etosha – Windhoek
Day 18 – Oct 20: Windhoek – Johannesburg – Singapore – Bali
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