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Ogoh-Ogoh parade – Sanda, Bali


10 March 2024

To welcome the New Year as per the Saka calendar the Balinese observe a Day of Silence, called Nyepi. This significant day holds profound cultural and spiritual significance in Bali. It aims to cultivate harmony among the three realms: the divine realm above, the human realm in the middle, and the spirit realm below. Preceding Nyepi, elaborate rituals and ceremonies are conducted, including the vibrant Pengerupukan parade, featuring the iconic Ogoh-Ogoh statues.

The Ogoh-Ogoh statues represent monstrous beings and symbolize eternal energies and times in Hindu teachings. Each year, the young villagers showcase their creativity through unique and visually often stunning creations, adding excitement to the festivities. The parade and associated rituals are intended to purify the world of Spiritual Pollutants, the residual effects of human activities.

On Nyepi Day itself, the island comes to a standstill, with residents urged to observe silence and minimize activity. Airports and roads are closed, allowing for a day of introspection and preparation for the year ahead. Nyepi offers a valuable opportunity for individuals to reflect on their inner selves, releasing negative thoughts and actions, and embracing a path of positivity and virtue as they welcome the New Year.

In contrast to conventional New Year celebrations centered on materialistic pursuits, Nyepi encourages a deeper exploration of the inner world, fostering personal growth and societal harmony.


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