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Batur – Bali Batur is an enormous caldera, formed when an ancient volcano erupted and its top collapsed. Inside the caldera Lake Batur formed, from which the active volcano Mount Batur rose. The first documented eruption was in 1804 and the most recent was in 2000. The locals farm fish in the lake and grow …

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Khar Us Lake

Khar Us Lake Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 14 – 4 Jul: Khyargas Lake – Khar Us Lake The drive to Khar Us Lake was a lot more fun than the drive of the day before. The scenery was diverse and ever changing. We saw again some camels, which was quite a while ago, …

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Khyargas Lake

Khyargas Lake Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 13 – 3 Jul: Telmen Lake – Khyargas Lake We had a long journey ahead, to Khyargas Lake, one of Mongolia’s largest and twice as salty as the ocean. The lake does provide an attractive summer home for birds, but we were a bit too early in …

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Telmen Lake

Telmen Lake Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 12 – 2 Jul: Great White Lake – Telmen Lake We left the Great White Lake area and crossed over a mountain range down into the extensive plains of western Mongolia, home to some of the world’s largest lakes. Most Mongolian lakes and water bodies are sacred …

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