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Nyale – West Sumba

Nyale – Wainyapu, West Sumba March 2017 Nyale are sea worms. Once a year they appear on the shores of West Sumba and play an important role in the traditional animistic Marapu believe of the Sumbanese. Early morning after the first sightings of the worms the villagers collect the Nyale. The abundance of worms forecasts …

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Wainyapu – West Sumba

Wainyapu – West Sumba March 2017 Wainyapu is one of the oldest traditional villages in West Sumba and lies on the island’s southern shore, just across a river estuary to the east of much more famous Ratenggaro, one of the most visited and famous traditional villages in West Sumba. Wainyapu is almost a forgotten place …

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