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Eyasi Gallery

Eyasi Tanzania, July 2015 Day 5 – 17 July: Eyasi – Karatu We left our camp at dawn, to visit the Hadzabe tribe. The Hadzabe are related to the original African bushmen and still live a traditional hunter gatherers life. Due to lack of land to live their way of life the Hadzabe are no …

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Tarangire Gallery

Tarangire National Park Tanzania, July 2015 Day 4 – 16 July: Tarangire National Park – Eyasi On our way from Tarangire to Eyasi we made a lunch stop at the great viewpoint over Lake Eyasi. Thousands of flamingoes and pelicans covered the lake shores as well as skies.


Khovd Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 15 – 5 Jul: Khar Us Lake – Khovd Our camping spot was not too far from Khovd, so we took it easy. Along the way we made a stop at a natural spring with crystal clear cold drinking water, apparently with healing powers. It did taste very …

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Khar Us Lake

Khar Us Lake Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 14 – 4 Jul: Khyargas Lake – Khar Us Lake The drive to Khar Us Lake was a lot more fun than the drive of the day before. The scenery was diverse and ever changing. We saw again some camels, which was quite a while ago, …

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Khyargas Lake

Khyargas Lake Mongolia, June – July 2019 Day 13 – 3 Jul: Telmen Lake – Khyargas Lake We had a long journey ahead, to Khyargas Lake, one of Mongolia’s largest and twice as salty as the ocean. The lake does provide an attractive summer home for birds, but we were a bit too early in …

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