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Tsenkher Hot Springs

Mongolia, June – July 2019

Day 10 – 30 Jun: Orkhon Valley – Tsenkher Hot Springs

We said goodbye to our hosts and drove off to a little bit more touristic destination, the Tsenkher Hot Springs, and stay in a tourist ger camp. That would give us the opportunity to enjoy some luxury, in the form of a hot bath as well as proper showers, which we hadn’t had in quite a few days now… 
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We came across this fairly wild herd of yak, grazing in some of the most beautiful scenery of our trip. As I tried to get closer the dominant yak bull clearly did not appreciate the intrusion and felt he had to show who was the boss. He charged at me in full gallop, his long hair making him a real raging bull…! Little did the bull know me; I stood my ground and got some nice photos as reward.
Our drive continued through hills covered with absolutely beautiful pine forest and grassy fields and valley itself covered in a blanket of colourful flowers. We came absolutely during the right time of the year; this floral display only lasts two to three months.
In the afternoon I made my usual walk through the surrounding hills.
Next stop, the Khorgo Volcano and the Great White Lake.
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