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Flores, July 2016
Wuring is a small fishing village, a couple of kilometers west of Maumere, the largest city on the Indonesian island of Flores. Wuring is home to Bugis and Bajo people who live in traditionally constructed stilt houses. In 1992 Wuring was massively hit by a tsunami and although many people moved to neighboring villages, others still carry on their tradition as tenacious Bugis and Bajo fishermen. At the end of each day women from nearby inland villages often come to Wuring to sell their agricultural produce and buy local fresh or salted fish, which is a popular product in the traditional market. The Wuring people are extremely friendly and welcoming to visitors and the local children are happy to accompany you in high numbers on your stroll through their village.
Best time to visit is either at sunrise or late afternoon. When visiting late afternoon don’t forget to visit the traditional market, which is open until into the evening.
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