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Tenganan Pegringsingan

East Bali

Tenganan Pegringsingan is a small Bali Aga village in East Bali. The Bali Aga, or Bali Mula, are the indigenous people of Bali. Linguistically they are an Austronesian people. The unique Bali Aga culture still holds on to original traditions, ceremonies, and rules of ancient Balinese, and its unique village layout and architecture. Tenganan Pegringsingan is also particularly known for its geringsing, double ikat woven textiles.

Mekare-kare: Pandan Battle

One of the most spectacular annual ceremonies is Mekare-kare, or perang pandan: a pandan battle. Mekare-kare is a ritual combat with clubs made of pandan leaves, which are lined with sharp thorns. The people of Tenganan are devotees of the deity Indra and this ritualistic battle is to honour Indra as a warrior god.
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